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Get Customized Dentures in Kelowna

At Mission Denture Centre, we design personalized, well-fitting and natural-looking dentures for our dental customers across Kelowna. It is essential to replace lost or broken teeth before they cause further impairment to oral function. Therefore, we use the newest dental technologies and materials for providing customized dentures in Kelowna for you and your family. Dentures are removable replacements for missing teeth. Mission Denture Centre offers high-quality and durable dentures and ensures maximum customer satisfaction regarding your aesthetics, lifestyle, and expectations. To ensure this, we will thoroughly assess your condition during your initial visit and provide you with the best available options. Our staff stays up to date with the latest technologies and techniques to provide the best fitting experience.  Visit us at our denture clinic in Kelowna. 


There is a wide variety of dentures available with us, each serving a common function: replacing the lost teeth. To fit a denture perfectly in your mouth, your dentist might have to prepare your existing teeth. This process may require extracting one or a few teeth. The dentures we offer are:

Complete dentures
Immediate dentures
Partial dentures

Complete Dentures

As the name suggests, complete dentures are full dentures for your upper and/ or lower jaws.  With time, denture teeth will wear, the supporting tissue and bone will change, altering the bite, fit and function of your dentures.  Getting new dentures every 5-7 years optimizes that fit and function helping maintain overall health with a healthier diet.  Maintenance is critical for long term success as a denture wearer.

We advise you to stay in touch with your Denturist once the dentures are fitted. Adjusting to the dentures could take a bit of time; some oral irritations may occur during initial usage. Adjustments are normal and are done at no charge for the first 6 months after receiving new dentures.

Come in for a FREE CONSULTATION to see what your options may be.

Here are a few things you should follow after getting a denture:

Do not try to adjust your dentures by yourself
Contact your Denturist if you feel any irritation or discomfort

Additional care and attention are required to design dentures with perfect fitting. For complete dentures, our Denturists will carry out extensive measurements of the temporomandibular joint (TMJ). This helps us in creating dentures that replicate natural jaw movements. These types of dentures are perfect for people who have lost all their natural teeth. With premium complete dentures, patients can carry on daily activities like speaking, eating, laughing, and smiling with ease.

Immediate Dentures

Immediate dentures are dentures made in conjunction with extractions.  For most people, the dentures can be made prior to having extractions and inserted at the Dentist office at the time of extraction.  These dentures act as a splint (bandage) and will help control bleeding, promote the healing process as well as letting you have your appearance maintained.  These dentures will require maintenance throughout the first year to assist with the considerable change that occurs to the bone after extractions.  Temporary linings followed by a processed lining will be necessary to preserve the fit and the bite.  The first temporary lining is included in the original fee per immediate denture. 


If extractions are done prior to having the dentures made, you will still require the temporary lining and reline maintenance.  We can start making the dentures once all the sutures are no longer present. 


The Denturist will assist you in keeping track of your progress and suggest when it is the best time to come in for these linings.

Come in for a FREE CONSULTATION so we can go over all of your options and treatment plan.

Soft Linings for Lower Dentures

For patients with a poor lower ridge a soft lining will provide added degree of comfort. This silicone based material is incorporated into the lower denture at the time of processing and will not come out. This durable lining has proven very popular over the years and patients who have experienced the soft liner in their lower dentures are typically very pleased with the additional comfort achieved.

Are you a candidate? Call for a Free Consultation to find out.

Name Insertions

Patient's name can be inserted into any denture, new or old. 

Moving into a long term care home? You may want to consider having this done.

Taking Care of Your Immediate Dentures

There are some cases where you cannot try in dentures before tooth extraction. In such cases, it is best to follow the post-operative instructions given by your Denturist. Temporary linings are generally advised for a better fit in the mouth. Here is a list of instructions that you should follow:

Do not forget to get regular check-ups for a comfortable fit of dentures and ideal healing
Get a permanent relining once your gums have healed
You might be required to get new measurements for fixing or making a new denture

Partial Dentures

If you are missing a few of your teeth, you may need a partial denture.  In such cased, the Denturist will design a removable prosthesis to replace the teeth that are missing.  These appliances are designed to be in harmony with the teeth using metal clasping for retention, making them strong and light.  These dentures can be removed to allow for cleaning and regular brushing of remaining teeth.  Having a partial denture to fill in the spaces of missing teeth will help retain the remaining teeth.  A full compliment of teeth, with natural and denture teeth, will always function better for eating, appearance and maintaining overall oral and physical health.


It is advisable to have your partial dentures checked periodically as it may be necessary to have the clasps tightened.  With time and usage, they will loosen.  Get in touch with us should you start experiencing any issues of looseness or discomfort.


Come in for a FREE CONSULTATION to review your options.

Benefits of Partial Dentures

Helps chew without any issues
Helps prevent the existing teeth from decaying and shifting
Helps in preventing jaw joint issues
Lets you speak comfortably and smile effortlessly
Provides an inexpensive way to replace broken teeth
Doesn’t require crowning teeth to fit partial dentures

It is advisable to get your partial dentures checked periodically at intervals of 12 months. This is necessary as loose partial dentures can cause problems like sores and may even damage existing teeth. Get in touch with us immediately if you start feeling discomfort for an extended period.

Partial Dentures

Get Your Confidence Back with Implant-retained Dentures

Missing teeth can cause difficulty in eating, speaking, smiling and dents your confidence.

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