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High-Quality Implant-Retained Dentures in Kelowna

Implant retained dentures are best suited for people who want their dentures to snap securely onto implants that are secured into the bone.  These options are thoroughly discussed with you to see if it is an option.  Should you require a referral to a Dentist for further consideration, we can assist you with that as well. 

Getting implant retained dentures is advantageous for both the function and overall aesthetics of your mouth and facial contours.  Some of the benefits are:


  • Having a secure and stable denture even when the ridge has deteriorated with time.  Waiting too long may hinder the ability to have implants.  The Dentist will be able to determine if you are a candidate.

  • Dentures are removable making them easy to clean

  • High level of retention and stability during daily activities like eating, talking and laughing.

  • Restores confidence.



The cost of dental implants has come down since their conception and are now more affordable for the public.  It is becoming much more popular as the word of the success patients are experiencing come to light.  If you are interested in seeing if you are a candidate and to understand the denture options you may have, give us a call and let us assist you.

Maintenance of implant retained dentures is similar to conventional dentures.  Take them out at night, clean regularly and see the Denturist should you have any concerns.  You will be required to see a Dentist annually to have the implants that are in the bone cleaned and to see the Denturist annually to check and maintain the fit of the attachments that are in the denture.

Procedures for implant retained dentures are done in conjunction with a Dentist. Mission Denture Centre  offers high-quality  dentures. If you are looking for reliable implant-retained dentures in Kelowna, reach out to us. 

Come in for a FREE CONSULTATION so we can point you in the right direction.


Getting implant-retained dentures is pretty advantageous for both the functioning of your teeth and the overall aesthetics of the mouth. Some of the many benefits of dentures are as follows:

Isn’t as costly as dental bridges or crowns
Ensure good cosmetic value even after the shrinking of bone and gum
Is easy to clean and maintain
Stays stable during activities like laughing and talking
Stays stable during eating, letting you enjoy your meals again
Reduces food collection under the denture
Enhances the aesthetic appeal of your face

Taking Care of Implant-Retained Dentures

Follow the following guidelines to take care of your dentures:

Remove them at night before you go to bed
Always remove your dentures when you need to clean them
Use the tools recommended to clean around the attachments
Dentures should be replaced every five to seven years
Inserts may need to be replaced annually
Denture cleaner and brushes

Denture Repair

As your mouth adjusts to your dentures, you may need some denture adjustments or repairs.

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