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Denture Relines and Repairs Kelowna

Dentures can become loose, uncomfortable, ill-fitting, or sore spots may develop at their pressure points during their life cycle. This happens because the inside of your mouth keeps changing with time and age. You must visit your Denturist for follow-up checkups to avoid complications and unnecessary pain. Our Denturists at Mission Denture Centre will keep a check on your dentures and ensure that your gums are in good health. We offer denture relines and repairs in Kelowna.

Denture Repairs

Dentures can break, chip or even have a tooth come out.  No need to panic, just bring the denture in with all of the pieces and we can likely repair it for you the same day. 


Dentures can break for a number of reasons.  Dropping them, age and excessive wear.  As the denture wears, the bite will be affected and instead of chewing on the molars at the back, the jaw slides forward and you start chewing on only the front teeth.  This can cause a midline fracture or front teeth coming out. 


Come in for a FREE CONSULTATION to see what the cause of the break could be.

Denture Relines

With time, dentures can become loose, unstable and uncomfortable causing soreness during their lifespan. This can happen because your mouth is constantly changing. The residual ridge in the mouth is forever changing and if the denture is not fitting well, it will deteriorate faster. See the Denturist to see if your problems can be addressed with a reline.

Come in for a Free Consultation so we can see what you have been dealing with.

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