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Smile With Confidence

For over 35 years, we have been helping people get back their beautiful smiles with the help of dentures.

Reliable Denturist In Kelowna 

Ronald A Skok of Mission Denture Centre has proudly served Kelowna and the Thompson Okanagan for the last 40 years with the highest level of care for all denture related services. We believe that a wealth of knowledge and experience counts when it comes to giving you a beautiful smile that is right for you. Our practitioners strive to ensure that you receive the highest level of treatment with the least amount of discomfort. Whether you are missing all or some of your teeth, we will work collaboratively with you to create the proper treatment plan designed specifically for you that will restore your smile, comfort and function.

You Can Put Your Trust in Us

We are a family-run practice with years of experience and a skilled team.

For Beautiful Smiles

Whether you need a new denture, denture over implants or any other denture related services, our Denturists will keep you comfortable from start to finish. By having our team of Denturists fabricate the dentures in house, it allows for us to provide direct personalized care. We also carry the professional-strength denture cleaner Renew®. Our office offers a host of tax-free services.


Dentures can provide a positive solution to improving your oral health by replacing damaged or missing teeth. We provide denture solutions that are crafted to allow for proper function and comfort. We will also provide you with the information on in- home care for your dentures. We strongly recommend scheduling follow-up appointments for annual denture checkups.

Need Dentures?

Our experienced Denturist at Mission Denture Centre can get you the right denture to ensure optimum comfort.

Implant-retained dentures: These types of dentures can provide both improved appearance and function. Since they are anchored to your jaw-bone, you don’t have to worry about your dentures slipping or falling out and they make it easier to chew. They can easily be removed at night and for cleaning.


Relines and repairs: As time passes, your dentures will need repair or rebasing. As your mouth adjusts to the appliance, you will need several adjustments to your dentures. The occasional repairs are expected to ensure that your appliance works properly. We recommend that you get your dentures professionally relined every 1-2 years so that they function properly. Denture rebasing is another process to keep your dentures in good condition. It is required when the teeth are in good condition, but the denture base material is worn out.

Having Trouble with Your Dentures?

Our skilled Denturist can repair your dentures and eliminate the need to replace them.


Great Professional Service

"I have got my second set of dentures from this business. Wonderful people and I love the workmanship and great professional service that I receive. Thank you Ron and thank you Bonnie."

- C.S.

Professional Affiliations

Denturist Association of British Columbia

Denturist Association of British Columbia

College of Denturists of British Columbia

College of Denturists of British Columbia

College of Denturists of British Columbia

College of Denturists of Canada

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